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TWEL​VE HOURS of practising and rehearsing anthems, choral settings by Howells, Sumsion and Dyson, psalms and hymns for c. 5 hours of choral services Friday to Sunday. All worthwhile for the experience of singing in the splendid spaces of Peterborough Cathedral.

And in between the hard, but rewarding work, time off...

to goggle at the 700 guests arriving at the cathedral for the wedding of Laline Hay, youngest daughter of the Earl of Erroll and Captain Jeremy Sudlow and estimate the cost of the lavish floral arrangements in the cathedral.

- explore the cathedral's treasures - the burial place of the abandoned wife of Henry VIII, Katharine of Aragon, roman bas-reliefs, medieval stone coffins, and remnants of the 13th-C Benedictine monastery incorporated into later buildings. The cathedral residencies are also a great occasion for catching up with and building friendships with other members of the choir

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